Wowza! Another change of seasons, Fall is right around the corner. I could not be more excited to shed summer and all the baggage I’ve been carrying. How’s bout you? Ready to release the old and welcome in the new?

That’s what the change of seasons reminds us ~ darling, human.  As mama Earth progresses to the new chapter, we get to follow suit. What do you: 1) Want to Release 2) Invite In for your next season?

Some of us have a hard time being mindful, taking a few minutes, and setting our intentions.  Busy, busy bees, are we. But here’s the beauty that comes with the change of seasons – the Universe is literally reminding us: TIME TO CHANGE!

It can be as simple as taking a mental, emotional, and energetic inventory.  What needs to go? What has served you, but you no longer need? What can you leave behind, as summer comes to a close?

What excites you? What do you want to manifest in your next season? 

Take a few minutes over the next few days and gain some clarity over what you want your life to look like. Work out what it feels like, looks like, could be …  then notice where your points of resistance are. What story do you tell yourself when you start to reflect on all of the “could be’s?” Your homework is to work on releasing that resistance, my love, so you can get into a space of receiving and creating!

Carry on, busy busy bees…and don’t forget to ramp up on your excitement and expectation! New things are coming your way. It’s Universal Law, baby! 🙂

rosalie brown


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