Chaos. Disconnect. Frustration.

Omg, I had a morning of broken down communication and things just not landing correctly. What I do when this is happening is I consciously pull my energy back to myself. That’s how I get whole again and disconnect from places that don’t serve me.

Here’s a really easy way to “Pull Your Energy Back.” You can utilize this tool whenever you know that your focus has strayed away from YOU.

First, get calm, regulate your breathing, and close your eyes. Envision a large, gorgeous Sun, a few inches above your crown.

Now, write your name in your boldest (imaginary) marker, right across that sun. Take your finger and create a small hole in the bottom of your sun.

Envision all of your energy, that’s currently out in vast ol’ Universe, being called back into your sun. Watch your sun fill up with your energy. Take as long as you need. You can even literally call it back, similar to how you call Fido(your awesome dog or cat) to their food bowl at night.

Once your sun is full of YOU energy…take your index finger and touch the top of your crown, creating a small opening.

Call your energy back into yourself. See and feel your energy pouring back into your body. Let it fill your spaces, move into your chakras, down to your root, down to your feet.

Take as much time with this as you need.

When you feel full, like your energy is back home, simply touch the top of your crown again, to close off your opening. Gaze up at your sun, and bless and release it…letting the vision fade away.

You’re back to you. Your energy is now back where it belongs. This is a handy visualization I practice any time I know that I’m giving too much energy away. Any time I’m focused on something outside of myself, I’m giving my energy away.

I can only be strong and complete, and standing in my power, when I pull my energy back to self. That’s where it belongs. That’s where I am home.
rosalie brown

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