Well, technically, you can clear ANY block in ANY area of your life. This exercise has been very helpful for me…See what ya think.

Everyone’s favorite word: Abundance!
Guess what? You might be feeling like you are experiencing a lack of abundance…and Spiritual advisors will tell you that it’s simply because of your resistance, and abundance simply requires you to tap into it. I get it, sounds great, it is a frequency and you just tap in.

If it was that easy, wouldn’t we all be running around feeling Abundant?!

So let’s back this up a bit and see if we can take some practical action. No, practical might not be the right word, but definitely some action. It’s some simple healing work around money and any blocks you might be experiencing.

Take a moment and get comfortable. Breathe deeply and release any anxiety or tension that you’ve been storing in your body. Relaxing is super important.

Next, you want to say a little prayer or set an intention. What we’ll be doing here is tapping into Universal energy to work through you, but you’ll be the channel. You want to pull in the Universal energy, and it helps me to set my intention and say a little prayer to call it in…this is my process, and yours can be different.

I say something to the effect of, “Divine Source Energy, I call upon you now to come through me, for my highest good, and heal this area of my life that I stumble with. Please come through me and work your miracles.

After you get in the mindset, get quiet again and close your eyes. Picture money, a large bundle of money in front of you. Imagine the color, the configuration, the size…fill in as many details as you can. (Don’t feel weird if your money looks nothing like money, but rather a shape or different object…mine was an orange, yep…the fruit).

Now, feel around your money. Go ahead and feel the energy of the money. Literally move your hands and feel around it. Any areas that feel cold, this is where you want to channel that Universal energy, send warmth and energy to any cold spots. Remember, you’re channeling Universal energy at and into your money.

Do that as long as you need to, sending the energy to your money, until it feels warm, all around it.
Sounds a bit crazy? Yep. I get it. But seriously, get that Universal energy up in your money.

When you feel like you are done, go ahead and move that money over to your left. The left is the receiving side. I like that side a lot. I move my money (my orange) over to my left. I breathe a few more times, and then open my eyes. I’m done.

You don’t need to close anything off or end with a prayer, but you can always do so if it makes your ritual feel more complete. You can also do this exercise as many times a day as you like. And you can do it for any area of your life that you wish.

What you’re doing is calling Universal energy into your thing – your money, career, relationship…whatever it is. You are channeling that energy to it, and through it. This removes blocks and opens up possibilities.

Blessings of abundance to you, my friends!

rosalie brown

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