Because you are an empath, if you don’t ground yourself and create a force field of energetic protection, you can easily pick up the feelings and emotions of others. Now what I’m about to say, could blow your mind, might turn you off, could make you hit the “back” button on your browser…force fields may not be the answer, but I’ll come back to that in a bit. First, we’ll cover the importance of grounding.

Imagine yourself sitting on a park bench. It’s quiet, it’s the perfect temperature, you can hear the birds chirping in joy. You’re alone, and you’re safe. Now, imagine a red balloon, gently wafting by, right in front of you. Out of instinct, you grab the string, and pull the balloon closer to you. If you let go of the string, the balloon is sure to waft and float, and get carried away. This is why it’s important to ground yourself: you are the balloon.

Don’t Be the Balloon

Picture an invisible golden, silver, or rainbow color cord, coming out of your root chakra. This cord, when sent down into the core of the Earth, using your mind’s eye, allows you to be grounded into the Earth. I am a very spiritual person, I am not a woo-woo psychic who wears long flowing skirts and reads tarot cards…but trust me, I know as your every day empathic intuitive, humans have this invisible cord, and when it’s not affixed to the Earth’s core, we simply waft, float, and bob along.

grounding meditation for empathsGrounding is very simple, and only takes a few moments. It’s easiest to do when you’re meditating, and yes, that’s easy too. We make everything very difficult, us humans. I’ll share my process below.

I get very quiet, sit peacefully on my bed, and close my eyes. I breathe in and out, paying attention to my breathing, but I don’t try and control it. It’s suggested that you take in very deep breaths, and then exhale them deeply as well. Paying attention to your breathing allows your brain to have something to focus on. After a few deep inhales/exhales, you’ll notice your body feeling calm. I focus on the energy in my root chakra (base of the spine). I concentrate on feeling my energy go down from my root, over my legs, down past my feet, and into the Earth. I push the energy into the Earth’s core and feel it hook in.

I then imagine the cord (my energy) moving back up from the Earth’s core, back up to the bottoms of my feet, back up over my thighs, and finally settling back into my root chakra. I stay still, and calm for a bit longer, and allow my body to feel the sensation.

That’s my very simple process. You may have a different method, and I’d advise you to use whatever visualization or method feels the most comfortable to you. I think we make way too much of “THIS IS THE WAY” or “THIS PERSON HAS ALL THE ANSWERS.” We all have our own answers inside of ourselves. The trick is to quiet the mind so that you can follow your intuition.

Check Yoself!

Now, back to the force field of energy. You can most definitely surround yourself in white light, by imagining seeing yourself, standing in front of you. Using your mind’s eye, place your entire body inside of a bubble, then flood the bubble with white, healing light. Stay with the visualization until you feel certain that your bubble is strong and you’re fully encompassed. Be sure to envision your cord going from the bubble, directly into the Earth’s core. (You don’t want your bubble floating around, you still want to be grounded).

OK, here’s another thought. My very good friend who is an empath and medium, spoke with me recently about how the force field may cause us to dismiss or deflect emotions and things we are MEANT to feel. If you don’t feel something, how do you heal it? You can’t name it, own it, and release it, if your force field won’t let anything in. Not everyone will agree with that, but since I subscribe to the concept that part of our expansion is feeling, owning, and releasing…I think she has a very valid viewpoint.

Regardless of what tools you use, do your very best to set your intentions before you leave home. Any time you have interactions with other humans, you have the opportunity to learn and grow, through both the fun interactions and the uncomfortable ones.

rosalie brown

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