It’s really a challenge to potential, the identity we cling to. We’re wired to create and cling to our identities, because that’s how the human brain processes and holds information.  While we can discuss, and possibly argue, about how the path to enlightenment requires you to surrender identity, I’m not convinced that we can do that and remain human.

Here’s how identity shows up in my world, and acts as a challenge. When a client requests an intuitive/psychic reading, if they are not open to receiving a new perspective or new information around the situation that’s troubling them…then we are at an impasse.  If you want to stay tied to how you are identifying a challenge, then you are not OPEN to the missing data that could help shift your perspective, and allow you to feel better, feel hopeful or even feel clarity, then I cannot be of service to you.

This is actually the number one reason I don’t give same day readings, unless it’s a close friend or family member. Because the “need a reading RIGHT NOW” energy tells me that you’re super duper caught up in your current story. And while I have empathy for feeling lost, or wanting to feel hopeful, when you are in a chaotic state of energy, a psychic reading is not going to be useful. In fact, you may even push against what the reader brings through and want to ARGUE your position.  That’s not an ideal place for the client or the reader.

How can we broaden our identity, and make room for the energy to move around and shift?  Presence. Stillness. Acceptance.

Accept that you’re not where you want to be in this moment.  Allow for the idea that things are dynamic and always in motion, and that nothing remains the same for very long.  Create that space for something new to grow. It requires acceptance and also allowing.  Both things are true at once.

Recall too that what you are feeling is not objective reality, it’s simply one expression of reality and it will shift. The faster shift happens with mindfulness, but shifts will happen even if you don’t cooperate. That’s the nature of energy and time and how things happen – always in motion.

Identity is a huge topic, with many facets; but the point of this brief article is to invite you to be mindful and present.  How is your current identity shaping how you’re perceiving things?  If you KNEW that there are perspectives and pieces you’re not yet aware of, does that give you anxiety or does that give you hope?  Are you open to getting some relief, or are you feeling like you want to be RIGHT?  Understand the difference between the two before you ask a spiritual or intuitive reader to tap in for you.

If you’re clinging to your current identity too tightly, your psychic isn’t going to have much room to work.  So…do your best not to identify as your challenge – you’re simply experiencing a temporary challenge.  Don’t make the “thing” bigger than it is, don’t keep feeding that fire. Turn the temperature down and pivot your energy into creating a new space where you can plant something new that grows with your attention and nurturing.

Remember that our feelings don’t define us. Our challenges aren’t our identity.  You’ve heard it said time and time again: we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

When you feel your resistance is down, when you are truly seeking to experience or perceive your situation with a new perspective, that’s when you want to ring in for your reading.



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