I am often asked by people how they can get messages directly from their guides and loved ones.  It’s a simple answer, really. Suspend your judgments and beliefs about how and who, and you’re almost there.

Most of us will dismiss clear signs the Universe sends us as coincidence or our imagination. Why? Because we are conditioned to believe that only certain people are psychic or that getting messages has to look a certain way. That’s false.

I’m a regular person, with the usual responsibilities and commitments, and I don’t do fire walks or dance in the moon naked, or go to elaborate and secret ceremonies in the forest.  I have no problem with such events, they just aren’t my gig. If I believed that I HAD to do those things to communicate with Spirit, then I’d find myself blocked.

It’s as easy as being open. That’s why suspending your doubts or pre-conceived notions about what it should look like, is step one.

Other helpful practices for your journey closer to communication might include: meditation to clear your mind and stop your thoughts from controlling your surroundings; automatic writing – asking questions on paper and without filtering what comes through, just scribble it all down; sitting quietly and beginning a conversation, aloud, with your guides.

A friend of mine who is a phenomenal medium suggests creating a “reading room.” This all takes place in your mind (oops, there it is, imagination!). You build a room or space, giving it texture, color, smells, visuals, and it becomes your destination.  You enter into this comfortable, safe space, you’ve created, and then you invite spirit in.  The first time I did this exercise, within a couple of seconds I had the spirit of a friend’s uncle, sitting with me and telling me all the things he wanted his niece to know. Yep, if you build it, they will come!

We over-complicate most of this thing called life. Our guides and spirit tribe are with us at all times, ready to offer assistance and guidance ~ if we simply INVITE THEM IN.  There is no need to be afraid, and this is not conjuring or asking any old “scary ghost” into your life.  Though Hollywood should be acknowledged for creating a billion-dollar industry on making the super natural scary as all heck!

You never want to come at this from a place of fear; like every part of life, fear is a roadblock to your destination.  And I can say from my own experiences, putting your intention out there, that you wish to communicate with your guides for your highest good, will result in just that : loving guidance from your spirit team.

Ready to give it a try? Let me know if I can help!

rosalie brown

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