You ever have those days where you are just sick of the bullshit?! All of it. The crazy stuff people try and make you responsible for ~ the insanity in the news ~ the lies you tell yourself?!  Yep, that’s all bullshit and I’m OVERRRR IT!

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’re flawed and screwed up, and don’t have it all together. And we won’t be complete or normal or whole until ABC happens, or XYZ is given to us. LIES. All LIES. We sustain ourselves on a diet of lies and unfair ideas about who we should be or who we need to be in order to achieve zen or nirvana, or whatever the hell it is.

I found myself going down a rabbit hole of BS this morning, and I had an epiphany. It was more like I started laughing at myself. The crazy, maniacal, uh oh I’m on the verge of losing it, kind of laughter. I’m done with it! I am not going to take myself out of the perfectness of this moment, the infinite possibilities that exist for me, by focusing on a bunch of silly nonsense that fills up my brain, when I’m letting my thoughts run the show.

It’s done. No more. I’m over the bullshit.

So today, my beautiful friend, stop feeding the thoughts and anxious emotions that try to convince you that you are not enough.  Don’t believe the baloney that you’ll feel better if you just (fill in the blank).  Feel better now. Think better thoughts. Believe in your worth. You’re here. You matter. You are complete.

Open yourself up to possibilities that already exist. Know that you are absolutely capable, believe yourself to be ready for crazy abundance, in all areas of your life. Invite Spirit in to run the show for a while. Yep, that means handing over the reigns, surrendering to the idea that things are working out in your favor, and blessings you’re not even aware of, are making their way to you, RIGHT NOW.

And for the love of all that is – stop comparing yourself to other people. Especially on the internet. We all struggle, we all cry, we all laugh, we all experience the full range of human experience, whether we highlight it on our social media channels, or not.

So, take a deep breath. Stand up tall and lift your head. Shake off the doubt and silly anxiety that tries to convince you of things that are not true.  Remember, you’ve got a team of spirit tribe members working things out for you. Your job is to forget the bullshit, and let the awesome stuff in.

You totally got this! xo

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