Here’s what your Spirit Guides would like you to know: “We can only show you what you are willing to see. We can only tell you what you are willing to hear.”

Kind of like a gang of friendly grannies and grandpas, your guides are meant to lovingly and gently guide you along, offering assistance when they are invited in. Yeah, they have amazing manners and can’t intervene on your behalf or even share half of their wisdom with you, until you give them permission.

And then, once permission is granted, they can share, show, tell and illustrate for you the clearest path, the most fun journey, throw up the caution flag…and it all means nothing if you’re unwilling to change your perception and see things differently.  When you go through life with confirmation bias, believing everything you tell yourself, you’re sort of working at odds with your Spirit team.

Be open to the messages your guides are sharing with you. Trust the tingle at the top of your head. Trust the energy in your body. Accept that you have an inner knowing and you can access it at any time. Some call it your inner GPS. When you hit the pause button, and accept the energy and feelings you have on a topic, you’re getting out of your head space and into your feeling place.  That’s where your guides communicate with you…the feeling place.

Pay attention to the messages you’re getting, then suspend the need to rationalize or think them through, and feel your way. This creates a beautiful working relationship between you and your spirit guides.

Let me know if you need any help. It’s often difficult to get out of our thoughts; but thoughts are just our assumption about what’s coming, our personality filtered view of “now,” or a nostalgic longing for what has been. Stay in the feeling place, that’s where all the good stuff is.

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