In times of energetic difficulties, and I’m telling ya, these days are full of energetic chaos…the importance of being present cannot be over stated.  If there was a collective message coming through from Spirit it is, again and again, the immediate lifeline that you have to make it through unsettling thoughts, emotions, and moments is to be present.

We communicate constantly through our social media channels. This is beautiful and challenging all at the same time. The connection to others is a beautiful opportunity to feel a sense of oneness. There is also a lot of information, energies, and anger that we absorb as well.

Intentional communication is not just what you put out there, it’s what you allow yourself to receive and absorb. I’m not really referring to the words on the screen, but the feelings you get when you see those words.  That’s where the real power is – how the words make you feel.

I spent time speaking with a dear loved one yesterday, and the world was spinning for her. We spent a few moments talking about what is absolutely true for her, right now, in this exact moment. What could she observe with her eyes in her immediate environment? What in that view could fan the flames of contentment and excited expectation? What could she touch that would keep her grounded in her present moment?

If you can stay anchored in this moment, you’ll have the strength to withstand the occasional wind that blows. You remain in your power when you can stand where you are, and not be moved or pulled out of your bliss, based on what others say or do.  Being present is your sword and your shield.

Bumpy times will keep coming, we’re in some weird vortex of energies right now, and there’s so much unrest in the world. Multiple realities can and do, exist all at once. So while you can choose to focus on all that’s wrong, and there is very much wrong, be mindful of how much of your energy you are giving away.  Remember to ground yourself, keeping yourself in your body, keeping yourself in the here and now.

In the here and now is where your strength is, and it’s the fastest path to alignment. Let me know if I can help.

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