So we meet again, Retrograde.

But guess what, I’m not worried. And you don’t have to be either. This particular retrograde is June 18 – July 12. That’s four weeks of possible mishaps, mis-communications, and mayhem. Only if you aren’t paying attention to your energy. Yes, YOUR own energy.

This retro is a time for us to meditate, rest, and reflect.  Paying close attention to your dreams will provide you with messages that you’re finally ready for.  Last night I had a wild ride with some familiar energies. The faces in my dream were different than the real life people they were supposed to represent – but I knew who they were from their energies. And the message was very clearly about releasing the old. I’m so ready!

Several very strong women in my life are entering into seasons of HUGE changes for them; closing of businesses and pivoting to new opportunities; ending of a marriage, and pivoting towards independence and self-exploration; moving away from what was into what is to be.  These are not small adjustments, these are major life shifts.  And while huge changes are often challenging in the details and every-day-ness of them, the Universe is always guiding you towards what is meant for  you.

It’s a season of endings, and of planting new seeds. People will tell you not to start anything new in Retrograde. While that is generally sage advice, do not mistake the endings that afford new opportunities, as starting something new. What’s happening is a shedding of what is no longer serving you.  These things were set in motion before this Retrograde, and while occurring during retro, it’s not doomed to fail from chaotic retrograde energy.

Take the time to reflect inward. Notice where your energy is pulling you. Listen to your inner guidance system. Flow where it feels easy, pivot where you feel the struggle. Now is not the time to dive in and push against energetic resistance; it is the time to become stronger, more in alignment, and ready yourself for the changes that lie ahead.

Retrograde is usually seen as a time of disruption; but again, the Universe is always going to make sure that what is meant for you, finds you.

Refrain from being reactive; observe and allow things to flow.  You have more assistance on your journey than you may know.

If you need some grounding or some intuitive guidance, hit the contact page and let me know!

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