The fastest path to feeling better is starting where you are. No matter what your NOW looks like, no matter how concerned you are about the future, no matter how much you long for what’s already passed, your power only exists right now.

So, what if life seems to suck?

First, recognize that’s your personality filter, and that’s your knee jerk reaction to the perceptions you have on life. Yes, I said it, don’t throw tomatoes or kiwis at me.  It’s true. Your perception about a situation either offers you freedom or penance.  What feels better?

That’s right – your suffering only exists in your perception. Your fear, your anxiety, your need to be tied to what you perceive is your current reality.

What happens when you suspend belief and allow for something different? That indeed is the only way for energy to move. You have to drop the rope that’s tethered to your beliefs about your life.  “Give up control” does not mean you have no options. Giving up on your need to be right about the truth of a situation allows for other solutions to present themselves.  The Universe is funny like that.

Your Spirit Guides have that spectacular 30,000 foot flyover view – they understand that us humans tend to look at things and evaluate them from one microscopic viewpoint, with our egos and filters distorting the truth of what could be.

If you double down on an outcome and decide you’ll only be happy when ABC happens, think of all the other, easier solutions that you’re dismissing, without even being aware of them.

Ask yourself what feels better – being right, or being open to the best possible outcome?

Sometimes we push away possibilities that we haven’t even imagined could happen, because why? We become so blind to any other outcome, positive or less positive, than the one we have in our head. Which of course exists because of our programmed responses.

So, can you suspend belief for a bit, and allow the Universe to do it’s thing? Sure that means you have to flex your faith muscle and invite other possibilities to manifest.  But doesn’t that feel a bit better than being sure that things can’t improve, can’t get better, can’t completely turn around?

It’s not asking for miracles to ask for a better outcome.  It means you acknowledge you’re not where you want to be, right this second.  Guess what? Here comes another second, and another, and another. Couldn’t multiple possibilities exist for you, all at once?  What would happen if you didn’t double down on your version of a solution? You’d be open to infinite solutions.

Acknowledge where you are. Understand things can and will get better. Ask for guidance and solutions that you’ve not yet thought of. Your participation really comes down to asking, believing, and suspending your resistance to receiving.

Need help suspending your resistance? One of the fastest ways to lower your resistance is to question your limiting beliefs.  Are they helping you? Or are they slowing things down for you?  Could you decide you’re going to go out on a limb and allow for something new? This is the birthplace of all that’s new and yet undiscovered.

Let me know if I can help.

rosalie brown psychic

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