It’s easy to think we got a bad reading, or the reader didn’t know what they were talking about…or question our OWN ability to give readings when the information was ABC and then reality showed up as XYZ.

Slow your roll though, Grasshopper! This does NOT mean that you got it wrong. It doesn’t mean Spirit got it wrong. But I have learned that Spirit will get the message YOU MOST NEED TO HEAR into your little hands, by any means necessary. Even if it tells you White, when it turns out its Orange.  You follow?

Many, many moons ago I had a reading and the psychic told me that I had the opportunity to bring through a son, if my (then) husband and I chose. We already had a stable full of critters, mostly human ones, and we had been thinking we were not going to intentionally create another. But the reading fascinated us both, and we decided if we tried and it happened right away, we were in.  After all, we did not have a son. And we did have a daughter, one who challenged us greatly (bless her dear heart). So what we really needed to hear was the word “son.”

One try and nine months later — welcome our baby girl into the world! Whaaaa?  OK, to be clear, I adore our daughter and it’s sooo amazingly rad that she is exactly who she is, I couldn’t imagine her being anyone else. But you see what she isn’t? A SON.  But Spirit knew that we needed to hear “son” and that is exactly what we heard.

In more recent times, in the midst of a relationship that Spirit assured me through a couple of readers I trust, he was “the one” for the rest of this lifetime…well, I took ‘their’ word and the evidence in front of me was showing up that this was accurate. This was my “one.” So we bought a house and I moved cross country. Guess what? I’m pretty certain he IS NOT ‘the one.’  My cosmic friends are pretty certain he is not ‘the one’ but that silly Spirit helped me buy a house and move away from everyone I knew, while it whispered to me “he’s the one.”  Meh.  So here I am, guided by Spirit, told what I needed to hear, to get me where I physically sit.

What I do know is I was meant to move to this place. The reasons have yet to reveal themselves to me, but Spirit knew what I needed to hear to get my butt in Michigan. OK, I’m ready for part 2:: the real reason! Anytime you’re ready Spirit! 🙂

Rather than be upset, or decide that Spirit got it wrong, I misread, my psychic friends were off their meds, I choose to go deeper. I was told what was going to be most helpful to me, to get me to the next phase of my journey. So here I sit, ready for the next step. And I am certain that Spirit will let me know, WHEN I AM READY to hear it.

A test in patience? A lesson in intuition? Maybe. But it’s also a chance for me to flex my trust muscle and know that something amazing is just around the corner. I really can’t wait!

rosalie brown

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