I often get asked if I read for friends and family. YES. In fact, my best friend is a fellow psychic, a gorgeous, sparkly unicorn of a woman. She quite frequently asks me to get a read on a situation that is giving her monkey mind some trouble.

Do I have opinions? (omg, if you’ve met me, you know I have an opinion on EVERYTHANG!) Of course. Do I feel a vested, emotional interest in the outcome? You bet. I only want the best for people I love. I only want the best information to through for ANYONE I do a reading for, naturally.

There is a school of thought that the more you know about someone, or the closer you are, the more difficult, or darn near impossible it will be to give them a reading. FALSE. That’s a belief that can put up your walls of resistance, which could definitely impact your ability. However, if  you set your intention, you got this!

psychic readingsI usually say a little prayer to my guides, asking them to help me move my own stuff aside, turn off my filters, ignore my experiences, forget the intimacy I share with this person.  I use the word prayer very loosely – it’s a part of a ritual I do before every reading. I don’t want to read from my brain (my thinking part), I want to tap into the powerful energy that flows from my sacral to get a read. Some people lead with their heart space, and that’s totally perfect! The key is to drop out of your head. Your head is where the resistance to anything lives.

Someone shared their method for doing this with me today, and my mind was blown! I loved it so much, I thought I’d share it here… Sit for a few moments and make a list of all the things you think about the person, the situation, etc. Write it all down, concentrating intently on these thoughts. Get them all out on paper.  Then, take that paper and move it into another room. Put it in a drawer, or somewhere out of sight.  Ask Spirit to please remove these thoughts and opinions from your mind, and keep them from your reading.

How cool is that? “Remove these obstacles from my path, and allow the message to come through for this person’s greatest good.”  Guess what? Spirit always responds to your requests. You simply have to set the intention, and then get out of your own way!

I have been very fortunate in being able to tap into energy with very little effort. However, this can lead to me being L-A-Z-Y.  I don’t always meditate, I don’t always ground, and I never shield myself before a reading.  My thoughts on shielding aren’t very popular in the metaphysical community – but what the heck… I don’t believe you have to shield yourself from things; what if you’re meant to feel that thing? What if you’re meant to experience a full and broad texture of all kinds of things? Yeah, see what I mean? That concept either feels really good when you read it, or you’re thinking I’m a total nutjob.  Either way…

So when your family and friends want a reading, set your intention, ask Spirit to move your stuff outta the way, get grounded, and tap in! Let me know how it goes! I love to hear from my fellow psychic babes.

rosalie brown



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