How do I know what my psychic gifts are?” is one of the most often asked questions I receive.  And my typical response is, “What do YOU believe your psychic gifts are?”

Although I may be psychic, I cannot truly read your mind. I can read and feel your energy, and my guides will fill me in on some of the extra stuff.

However, the road of self-discovery is typically intended for YOU alone. Not that you can’t practice, be encouraged, or meet with a psychic who can identify your abilities… however, remember that there are MANY paths of self-discovery that allow you to authentically step into your own power.

No matter how experienced we are, there’s always room for more. Think of a published author who has had success with two books. Do they decide, “Now that I’ve mastered writing, I’m going to try to become an Olympic gymnast?” They may, but it is more probable that they will ride their momentum and begin writing their NEXT book.

Keep an open mind as you begin to exercise your psychic or intuitive abilities, dear one. The muscles become stronger the more they are utilized. And you can develop new ones at any time. Personally, I find certain aspects of the universe of woo woo and beyond to be far more intriguing than others. I find it interesting that someone can read palms, but I’m not personally interested. Now, would I wish to be conscious when astral traveling? You can count on it.

Each individual’s path to mastery is totally personalized. It never really ends, to be honest. Pursue and expand on what INTERESTS you. There’s a reason you’re being pulled toward that particular modality.

You don’t have to purchase a ton of classes or a ton of books – but if those things bring you enjoyment, you certainly should. You can find inspiration anywhere. The only caution I want to offer is in making someone your go-to guru. Because while they may possess a piece of your puzzle, NO ONE has all the pieces; those will come to you as you dive in and begin to practice self-mastery.

Be curious, be brave, and have fun while you’re pulling the pieces together.

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