Ya Ever Feel Like You're Crazy?

We spend a great deal of my time speaking with others who sometimes struggle to access and fully embrace their gifts.  Common themes we see people challenged by are:

  • No one understands me, I feel isolated.
  • People think I’m crazy, lazy, or unmotivated.
  • I get overwhelmed so easy, my emotions are really running the show.
  • I feel lost, like I can’t maintain my focus, or get things done.

It’s not only a challenge for the person who is an empath and/or intuitive, it’s a challenge for the people around them, to understand what reality can be like for a gifted person. We live in a very chaotic time, and the global consciousness seems to be tuned into hustling, getting it done, getting over yourself…all this energy coming at us so quickly, in almost every environment. This makes truly embracing and owning our gifts difficult, because there are few in our tribes who truly “get us.”

If this has been your experience, please understand that we have faced the same issues.  We created this online destination to build a safe place for learning, growth, and development tools for a more satisfying life.  Whether you are just waking up to your gift, just accepting your gift, or ready to claim your power…this is place is for you!

claim your giftThere are challenges & gifts in having abilities, and it would be an honor to both Leigh and I to offer guidance, support, & resources for you to thrive.   Some people like one on one work, which we most definitely provide; others are more comfortable with course work they can do privately.  Got ya covered!  The only thing that we absolutely require is a commitment to care about yourself.

Isolation can be super helpful in recharging you — sort of like your smartphone — but growth and evolution don’t happen in a vacuum.  We will respect your boundaries, and challenge the areas of your life that you’re feeling resistant about. That’s what we do: provide growth tools and empowerment for people who are developing their gifts, and are ready to kick ass in this crazy world!

About Rosalie

Mama, mentor, author, and digital marketing geek. Beyond that, she’s also creative, steady, authentic, evolving, mindful, loving, compassionate, funny, forgiving, insightful, contemplative…and more. As an intuitive empath, Rosalie is super excited to tap into messages from Spirit, master energies, and keep things interesting!

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About Leigh

clairvoyant readerLike many, many mediums, intuitives, and empaths, Leigh experienced odd, if not inexplicable, events in her life. Dreams, premonitions, a “knowing” that could not be explained, and an uncanny ability to feel people’s hidden intentions. Leigh’s story,  experiences, and lessons are all unique to the purpose of her journey. So are yours. Leigh knows you aren’t crazy, wants you to know that you’re not alone, and with some guidance, you can learn and build a safe path to tapping into and embracing your talents.

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