Man, oh man…I wish I could tell you that the gift of intuition allowed me to look into my own crystal ball and see what’s coming. But it doesn’t. So, like everyone else, I too have to live my life, feel the burns and the bumps, and keep it moving.  I don’t get to skip the lessons or the life; I’m human. And you are too.

So when life feels like it’s really kicking you in the feels – what are you to do? Welp…feel it!

What is this bringing to the surface for you to heal? Do your very best to pause, and breathe, and reflect.  There is a reason this feeling is bubbling up to the surface. If it’s a feeling or situation you are really familiar with, why do you think that is? If you experience the feeling or situation often, it’s going to keep persisting until you dive in, 100 percent, and bring the dark into the light.

You can only transmute and heal that which you acknowledge.

Remember, as you feel all these uncomfortable feels: in order to change it, you have to own it.  All the prickly, sharp edges. If it’s a feeling of financial frustration, what’s your part in this? How long have you felt this way? Does it come up every month? Take it a bit deeper and ask yourself how you feel about money. What kind of relationship do you have with it? Are you afraid of not having enough? Are you living scarcity? This isn’t a time to judge yourself, it’s an opportunity to truly examine your beliefs and though patterns about the topic of money; more specifically your struggle around it.

rewiring your brainCould you re-wire your thinking? Could you entertain a different kind of thought, a shift in thinking that would allow for the energy around money to shift?

Here’s one of our biggest struggles…our thoughts and feelings are so rooted in what has come before. A part of history. Our history and past solidifies how we perceive things. So we fall into patterns of thought and behavior and belief. And our experiences meet our expectations. Read that again. Our experiences meet our expectations.  If we expect to struggle with something, don’t we most often prove ourselves right?

That’s our job; well more specifically, it’s the job of our brain: to show us evidence to support those thoughts we think.  And if the thoughts we think aren’t helping us? Kinda doesn’t matter. The brain just keeps showing us evidence that we’re right. This is just one reason we’re told that our thoughts truly shape our world.  They are incredibly powerful.

And, if our thoughts are based on our prior experiences, what kind of loop do we get stuck in? An endless loop of thinking the same thing, again and again and again. Loop, loop, loop. So yep, until you get a handle on those thoughts and beliefs and expectations around money, you’re gonna keep having the same situation with finances.

Shifting means challenging. Is it true that I’ll ALWAYS run out of money by the 12th of the month? How can we know it to be true if it hasn’t happened yet?  We don’t absolutely know it to be true. In fact, a reprogram could be something as simple as “I’m so grateful to have plenty of money to make it through the month.”  If you want different results, you gotta think different thoughts.

This applies to any area of life. So now is were we circle back to the whole feelings thing. That’s how I started this off, feeling the prickly feelings, right?  Feelings are triggered by thoughts. A feeling or emotion is an opportunity to examine your thoughts. Your thought is what created the feeling in the first place.

A thought is not all that hard to shift, if you’re paying attention to the thought, before it runs rampant, unchecked, and becomes an emotion. Once we’re wrangling an emotion, it gets harder to scale things back. But we can, and we have to, if we want to challenge the beliefs that keep us from feeling freedom and alignment.

So it might look like this: Acknowledge. Pause. Question. Pivot.

I acknowledge my thought around { any topic } is draining and frustrating.

I pause to breathe and accept my thought is driving my emotional response.

I question this belief or thought.  When did I first start thinking this? Is it a pattern? What can I learn from this? What can I heal? Can I alter my perception enough to allow for a new experience?

I pivot by changing up my self-talk, and speaking a better feeling thought into existence.  I understand the Universe is conspiring to bring me everything I believe I deserve. And I deserve freedom, alignment, abundance, and joy.

You don’t need to positive think your way out of feeling bad. You need to acknowledge you’re thinking and feeling the thing.  You can then begin to figure out what you can heal, or what belief you can disconnect from, in order to clear the space and allow for the new.

So don’t stuff. FEEL. Then question. Believe you can experience a different outcome, and allow for it. Feel, question, refocus, and keep it moving.

Let me know if I can help you to heal from what has been, and find the diamonds in the dust.

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