Step Into Your Power

Release Self-Doubt, Step Into Your Power

when you lose your way

Do you find yourself doubting your ability to give readings accurately? Or do you feel disconnected from Spirit? Feeling discouraged or stuck? Wondering if there is a stronger, more confident version of yourself that you can step into?  I believe I can help you see the illusions that challenge you and assist you in releasing self-limiting beliefs and doubt.

Each session is highly tailored to the participant.  I tap in and receive clarity on the issues that you can work on and release, right NOW. With some guidance and exercises, designed for your best outcome, I walk with you and help you to connect the dots.  Moving forward you will have a greater understanding of habits that have been limiting you, and methods to identify and release them, allowing you to be your true self.

“It’s been a game changer! My readings are blowing people away. And my life in general has changed and I am so happy! I am so thankful our paths crossed, you are an amazing lady and I appreciate all you have done to help me!” – Jill, past participant


This program is highly tailored to the participant, and is designed as follows:

Two (2) 45-minute private sessions

These sessions are one-on-one, preferably over Zoom, and are tailored specifically for overcoming the challenges YOU are experiencing.  You will schedule your first session online, and the subsequent sessions will be scheduled at your convenience after our first session.

~ Learn to identify your limiting beliefs that have created obstacles

~ Discover methods for removing the obstacles and stepping into your power with new perspectives and directives

~ Experience how inviting your Guides into your experience will assist you in returning to your true self


One (1) 30-minute reading to provide clarity and guidance as you move forward

 (scheduled after completion of the sessions)

Investment is $66.00


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