One-on-One Psychic Development Coaching Session

psychic readings clairvoyant rosalie brown los angelesFrom birth, we come here with a Universal knowing of how to receive Spirit Communication. Through our human experience, we turn the volume way down; even thinking we’ve turned it off. I work with you to help turn up the volume, and help you discover, create, and strengthen your communication channels so you can more easily access the messages from Spirit.

This isn’t a passive process; it requires your participation and your commitment, and that you open your mind and lean into trusting your intuition. I act as your guide on this journey. Our session is a mix of reading, sharing, and mentoring. You bring your questions and your intention to open up to your gifts, and we have fun.

We work with where you currently are, experienced or not, and deal with any issues that may be offering challenges to clearly get Spirit Communication.  Over the course of (1) 60 minute Zoom session, we’ll discuss where you can focus to amplify your intuitive/psychic abilities.

After working together, you will feel more connected to your gifts and more confident in your calling. You’ll have the information to dive deeper into your connection to Spirit.

Investment is $110.00

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