We’re human. We have to deal with humans. Some of us love that part of this experience; for some of us, it’s a walking nightmare. It’s not that I don’t like humans, in fact, I love reading people and could do that all 20 hours of my day, every day, all day long. I get the opportunity to see the most beautiful parts of humans. But let’s be honest…when I’m walking around, at the grocery store, or at the movies, or grabbing a cocktail on date night, I’m surrounded by energies. Lots of them — don’t love ’em!

If you’re a reader of any kind, you are like an energetic sponge – until you set those boundaries!  And guess who forgets to set up the boundaries before leaving home? (( Points to self! )) Almost every day, I forget this little tool. It’s a total game changer! Put it on your to-do-list.

You can envision yourself in a bubble, you can surround yourself with white light, you can create your boundary in your mind and call your energy to you. There are almost endless ways to manage this part.  But there’s a sneaky little thing we often forget. When you’re walking around in public, in a bubble, you may not absorb the energy of others, but what about when you’re at home, or with your friends? What about at work.  We begin to engage with others, those who we have authentic connections to, and we start to let those boundaries slip. Oooops.

I found myself a sobbing mess this summer. My relationship was on rocky, uncomfortable shores. I hated it. I hated him. I hated the choices I had made. His moods, actions, energies…they were all up in my energy field. I couldn’t feel like I was standing strong, on my own, because a lot of what I was feeling and reacting to, wasn’t even mine to begin with.

The moral of the story isn’t what an ass my boyfriend is or was, and can often be :), but how I had let my boundaries at home fall to the side. So whether you are dealing with a loved one, a friend, or co-worker ~ make sure that you are only holding energy that belongs to YOU. I have written previously about the importance of calling your energy back to you – and that’s absolutely important. You also have to make sure you don’t absorb and begin to own those energies that don’t originate from within you!

Your energetic start point is of vital importance, if you want to give readings. You need to feel very comfortable with your own energy, and your boundaries.  Practice, practice, practice, and start to step into your power. When you can do that on the regular ~ you’ll be looking goooood, Cupcake!

rosalie brown


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