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Would you like to learn how to connect directly with Spirit? Start channeling messages for yourself or family, friends, or even strangers? Are you ready to start giving readings? Perhaps you want to develop your mediumship abilities?

Consider a one-on-one private training session with myself, or Deana~ both seasoned mentors who will guide you to tap in and master your Spirit communication.  You might also consider joining a small group class. With your intention, open heart and mind, you can learn to master the intuitive gifts you already have inside you.  Your trainers are focused on helping you to break down your barriers, and step into your power center.

psychic training

With gentle guidance and committed mentorship, your development journey can be accelerated, as you discover methods to tap into Spirit directly. You’ll receive lots of support and guidance, working with you at a pace that is comfortable for you!

Your Trainers


Rosalie BrownRosalie is a clairvoyant and medium.   A natural teacher, Rosalie is passionate about helping you master your skills, step into your power, and embrace the best version of you. Her unique ability to read energy allows Rosalie to shine light in places often yet unseen.


deanaDeana is a psychic medium. Her unique journey to Spirit makes her a compassionate, dynamic teacher who helps you to more easily master your intuitive, channeling, and energetic abilities. She is an amazing resource for those who set their intention to expand and grow.

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