Mastering your Mediumship Abilities

clearing money blocks

90 mins


Limited to 8 participants


This course is led by psychic medium, Deana Verdin. She is a gifted mentor and psychic, who loves assisting others in mastering their gifts and receiving messages from the Other Side.

At the end of this beginner level course, you will have the opportunity to connect with Spirit and communicate in a safe space, with the support you need. You’ll also receive two take-aways, allowing you to further your abilities and practice on your own time.

The class is conducted over ZOOM video. You’ll receive a link to your online meeting room after you schedule, and you’ll be able to select the date that works best for you, when you schedule with the button below.

Here’s what one student had to say about this course: “I just participated in my first class with Deana. It was incredibly enlightening. For the first time, my Guide came through. Prior to this exercise that Deana provided, my guide had only shown up in life or death situations I now look forward to accessing my “room” of safety to actively meet my guide again. I encourage anyone who is wanting to open their Spirit up, to take one or many of Deana’s classes. I am anxiously waiting for the next class.”

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