Messages from Spirit

Rosalie is a psychic medium, receiving messages from the Other Side through clairvoyance and her ability to feel and read energy. Using her connection to Spirit, she provides you with clarity, guidance and insight, in a judgment free, supportive manner.

Spirits of those who have passed also communicate with Rosalie. Quite often they appear in readings to offer their support and acknowledge their deep love and connection.

Clients often comment not only on Rosalie’s accuracy, but also her delivery and compassionate manner. Rosalie’s goal is to share insights and messages that inspire and elevate. All information channeled from Spirit is for your highest good.

Social Media Specials!

Now you can book either a 15 minute psychic reading (via phone, messenger, or Zoom) or my new email reading offer, which is designed for those who are limited on time or have very specific questions they would like psychic guidance around. These are specially priced offers for Facebook connections!

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