100% Recommend these Game Changers!

Perhaps, like you, I’m always on the hunt for the books and products that are going to help make the light bulb turn on. On this incredible journey of ours, when you find something amazing, and you’re inspired to share it, you’re probably doing a real solid for someone else (fist bump). I am a big fan of sharing tools that have made a difference for me. Below are a handful of game changers, books that brought it home for me! And the sprays from Coventry Creations are immediate mood lifters and energy tune ups.  I encourage you to explore these products and see if they don’t click for you as well.

This spray is the delicious alternative to burning sage. Same effect, but it smells amazing, and is safe enough to spray all around you. Low vibes, be gone! Refreshing and effective. Favorite!

Home run from Coventry, this spray is perfect for when you want to feel grounded, and present. The scent is also earthy and light, safe to spray on your person & in your immediate area. Love!

Talk about a handy dandy guide to learning to unravel all your extra “stuff,” and dissolve the the blocks you’ve created. I read this book in one sitting, it’s full of gold, in bite-size pieces.

The four question process, presented by Byron Katie is a life changing breakthrough that will free you from the limiting thoughts and behaviors that have been feeding your pain.

Open this book to any page, and watch the miracles that start showing up! Seriously, I read this in one sitting, and I was delighted at the changes that started manifesting immediately.

THE book of the century – Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to pull yourself out of your own story, stop identifying with your view of yourself, and make sustainable changes in your life.

Learn ways you can begin to make peace with where you are, and piggyback from acceptance to gratitude, and graduate to new ways of feeling in control, and in love with life.

Based in science, Dr. Joe Dispenza illustrates how much easier life flows, when you give up the programming you’ve been reliving and reinforcing your entire life. Game changer!

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