Staying Connected in a Time of Disconnection

There is a great discomfort most of us are feeling. With a global pandemic, daily routines and favorite things have taken a backseat. When I invite Divine Wisdom in, I hear the message: “Now is the time to let go of your judgments, as they come from ego. Don’t decide how things “should” look – Continue Reading

Expanding Your Reading Skills

I truly believe that all psychic readers do it differently. The information comes to all of us in a unique way, and we translate the message for the person sitting in front of us. Whether you get the messages through sound, images, knowing, feeling…you can always develop your underutilized communication channels and expand your communication Continue Reading

What is In Store for You?

Did you know that you can absolutely get psychic guidance on what is in store for you in the coming months? Just by having a conversation with your higher self? It’s totally possible! Let’s take a moment and unpack this together. Get quiet and take 3 deep, calming breaths. You want to really get into Continue Reading

Commit to Growth

“What we speak becomes the house we live in.” — Hafiz Please trust me when I tell you that the simplest shift in perception allows space for something new. Don’t get stuck in what-is. Nothing remains for long; nothing. You CAN choose to reframe your current reality into something different. If you want to change Continue Reading

6 Steps to Alignment, Abundance & Freedom

Blocks show up and make themselves at home when we have allowed an issue or challenge persist, or exist unchecked for too long. The path to removing these blocks looks a lot like this:  Name | Expose | Challenge Name it: This is the biggest and sometimes most challenging step. You might think that your Continue Reading

Meditations: Clearing Your Energy

As empaths, we frequently absorb and collect energy from other people. In addition to anxiety, frustration, anger and fatigue, we can generally feel very “off” after spending time with others. Below are a handful of meditations you can watch/listen to, as you expand your abilities to clear your energy! I’m sharing these videos made by Continue Reading

Helpful Crystals for Empaths

Because empaths feel emotions so strongly, caught unprepared and unaware, day to day interactions with others can be extremely draining, difficult, and upsetting. One method to help limit the difficulty is to use crystals, which can aide empaths in keeping their own emotions clear and separate from others. Suggested crystals include: Rose Quartz. This crystal, Continue Reading