What if they Don’t Believe?

It’s pretty common for us woo woo types to have non-woo woo types in our lives. Be it a partner, friend, co-worker, family member. We step out of the Spiritual closet, and we find, “Wow! Lotsa people don’t believe what I believe.”  So, do we step back inside of the closet? Hells no, my friend! Continue Reading

Spiritual Gangsters and other Jerks

When you come out of the closet and begin letting people know that you see dead people, or that you get messages from Spirit, you’ll be at your most vulnerable. I’ve written before about the gift of vulnerability, and I truly believe there is something uniquely beautiful about exposing yourself in that way. It’s also Continue Reading

Undo The Undue Influence

Undue Influence In legal terms, undue influence is a doctrine that voids a contract because a trusted person of power abuses their position to influence, if not coerce, someone else to act in a way that will not be in that persons best interest, but ultimately benefit the person in power. In spiritual dealings, the Continue Reading

Twin Flame or Soulmate?

Ladies, ladies, ladies…come close. I want to share a secret with you. You are whole, complete, beautiful, and powerful, no matter what your relationship status is. I understand the desire to love and be loved – it can feel amazing! And during those times in our lives when we might find ourselves without a mate, Continue Reading

New Year New You?

You know what drives me crazy about the New Year? Nope, not the hangover…I am fortunate to say I avoid those as a rule. What drives me nuts is this silly expectation that we should create a list of things that we’re supposed to improve upon once January 1 arrives. So, let me get this Continue Reading

What to do when you’re stuck

Whether it’s seasonal, situational, or just a momentary feeling, none of us like feeling stuck. People can feel stuck in relationships, jobs, friendships, those are a certain kinda stuck. And then there’s the “What do I do?” or “Which direction do I move?” kinda stuck. Let’s address that sort of stuck. I’ve found that when Continue Reading