Be Present

In times of energetic difficulties, and I’m telling ya, these days are full of energetic chaos…the importance of being present cannot be over stated.  If there was a collective message coming through from Spirit it is, again and again, the immediate lifeline that you have to make it through unsettling thoughts, emotions, and moments is Continue Reading

I’m NOT a Fortune Teller

The idea of destiny versus free-will is an important one to work out for yourself, especially if you’re going to give readings to other people. Because people who want readings will come to you with expectations, and sometimes those expectations are that you are going to use your psychic guidance to look at their life Continue Reading

New Years Resolutions are B#llsh*t!

It was just the most wonderful time of the year – aimirght? For some people, yes…Christmas holidays are the time when we get to remember fondly, hug tightly, give freely. For some it’s the solstice celebration, or it’s the sad reminder of chasing a feeling, or maybe even a lonely buzz in the mind and Continue Reading

Intentional Living

Recently, someone asked for a session on the topic of “Intentional Living.”  It got me thinking…me?! What could I possibly share about intentional living or living with intention? Do I even live with intention? Then I snapped out of it, and realized that the topic could mean different things to everyone.  So, I’m not an Continue Reading

Fall in Love with Life: 4 Easy Steps

Ready to spend about 10 minutes to transform your life? Yep, it’s that simple. Follow along, my friend: Step 1)  Take 3 minutes. Write down EVERYTHING you appreciate and feel gratitude for RIGHT NOW. Just three minutes, and don’t even edit that sucker. Step 2) Focus on your breathing. Most of us breath in a Continue Reading

Stop Giving Power to the Past

You, my friend, hold the key to your contentment, your peace, your happiness. It truly is an inside job. And no matter what you’re going through, have been through, are reflecting upon, there is a choice in every moment. Choose YOU. The fastest path back to self is to STOP; Pause; Pivot. BREATHE. Concentrate on Continue Reading

Avoiding Pain is Not an Option

You have to advocate for you. Every day, and in every way. You see, we are surrounded by people, on this big spinning sphere called Earth. We all are walking our own individualized journeys and we are going to have to walk alone sometimes. While we long for companionship and we want to connect with Continue Reading

The Twin Flame Burn

Oh, dear heart…how many times have I gotten a request to give someone the information they lust for – “when will my twin flame and I be reunited?!”  The human part of me always wants to reply with, “hopefully, you won’t any time soon.”  Does that sound harsh? It does. But you see, the Twin Flame Continue Reading

Don’t Make Stuff Up

Being a human, we’re inherently connected to other humans. Soul tribes? Sure, I do believe we travel in our own sort of wolf packs, and we tend to connect with the same souls, different circumstances, lifetime after lifetime. But stepping back to something more simple ~ let’s talk about how connections in this lifetime can Continue Reading

The Power of Your Intentions

Hey Beautiful! No matter how often we get the bonk on the head – “be intentional!” – sometimes it takes some time to commit to the practice of setting intentions.  I’ll be honest here, anything that feels like homework, or rituals, or chores…ugh, I can’t do it! Or so I tell myself.  But what I Continue Reading

What’s Your Word?

I have a cool tribe. I’m part of a group of learners, dreamers, and misfits. We are connected through social media, and even have a Facebook group. Our backgrounds, interests, and geography are vastly different. We come together for support and to hold each other accountable. The coolest thing happens at the end of the Continue Reading