Talking with Spirit

The cool thing about being human is that we are energetic senders and receivers! Also, the hardest thing about being human is that we’re senders and receivers 🙂 right?!  I talk a lot about keeping your energy in check, pulling it back, keeping it high vibing, because what you transmit has a pretty direct correlation Continue Reading

Is It Really Ego?

I had the pleasure of connecting with a gorgeous soul, today. I am fortunate that a good deal of my time is spent connecting with Spirit and with humans who want to feel closer to Spirit, receive the downloads from their guides, or who want to develop their abilities further.  I can’t overstate how lucky Continue Reading

Reading Other People’s Energy

You have likely been reading other people, your entire life. That reaction that we have been programmed to call ‘knee jerk,’ or shamed into believing we’re being judgmental, encourages us to STOP reading the energy of others. Because how powerfully could we navigate our lives, how powerful would we feel, if we were just to Continue Reading

Think You Can’t? Bet Ya Can!

I often get asked if I read for friends and family. YES. In fact, my best friend is a fellow psychic, a gorgeous, sparkly unicorn of a woman. She quite frequently asks me to get a read on a situation that is giving her monkey mind some trouble. Do I have opinions? (omg, if you’ve Continue Reading

Conquering Self-Doubt Through Rituals

When you start to tap into Spirit and understand messages, you will very likely feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Some days, you just have to take a breath, and BAM…Spirit is saying things to you, sometimes screaming at ya! Other days, it may feel like no matter what you do, you can’t seem Continue Reading

The process of tapping in

…it’s different for everyone! There are some things you can do before a reading, giving a reading that is, and the rituals are for YOU. Spirit doesn’t need help coming through, you’re the one who has to be ready to receive it. Some people ground, shield, protect themselves, but I am not in this camp. Continue Reading

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is the alleged ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception. Everyone is born with intuition, and some of us have intuitive psychic abilities, which are typically categorized as clairvoyant abilities. The four main “Clairs” are: Clairvoyance: clear Continue Reading

Can I Trust the Messages?

When you start getting messages from Spirit, or as some might say, from the Other Side, or your guides…how do you know it’s real? I’m not an authority on all things Spirit, oh that I were…but here is my outlook on this important topic. Think back to a time that you just knew something ~ Continue Reading

I Talk to Dead People

“Hi – I am a medium, I talk to dead people.” The single scariest sentence on the face of the planet (not really – but in my self-absorbed bucket of fears, it absolutely was the crème de la crème of HELL NO!) Recently, I had a conversation with an experienced medium. When I first saw Continue Reading

Intuition or Ability?

Intuition versus Ability. Hmm…Let’s talk, shall we? Not everyone has psychic abilities. Yup, I said it! You will find a million people who will say “everyone has abilities”. True. But not everyone has psychic/medium/healer/empath abilities. We do, however, all have instincts. My dogs have instincts. Better than mine on most days. So far, they aren’t Continue Reading