Message from your Spirit Guides

Here’s what your Spirit Guides would like you to know: “We can only show you what you are willing to see. We can only tell you what you are willing to hear.” Kind of like a gang of friendly grannies and grandpas, your guides are meant to lovingly and gently guide you along, offering assistance Continue Reading

Free Will or Destiny?

Depending on your world view, you may think we’ve come here with our human experience written into a life plan, or blue print. Another viewpoint is that we came into this chaos as free thinking, feeling, wheeling dealing people with free- will, therefore the outcomes have limitless possibilities. What if both sides are true? Now, Continue Reading

Spiritual Practice Made Simple

In conversations I have with clients and friends, there is a common theme around “spiritual practice.” I find a lot of people feeling like this is some kind of homework, or that if they aren’t meditating for 30 minutes a day, or chanting mantras, they are doing it wrong. It starts to feel overwhelming. Here’s Continue Reading

Opening Yourself Up to Spirit

I am often asked by people how they can get messages directly from their guides and loved ones.  It’s a simple answer, really. Suspend your judgments and beliefs about how and who, and you’re almost there. Most of us will dismiss clear signs the Universe sends us as coincidence or our imagination. Why? Because we Continue Reading

Talking to Your Guides

Your Spirit Guides ~ a wildly popular topic in intuitive development and psychic circles. Whether people buy into it or not, I’m here to tell ya…we all have Spirit Guides.  If you’re a psychic reader, much of the information you receive from the other side, comes your way because of your communication with Spirit Guides. Continue Reading

Go Back, to Go Forward!

As you know, I’m not a licensed therapist. Anything you read here is based on my own experiences and is not meant to be treated as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. OK…we good? It’s not uncommon for those of us with gifts, psychic and otherwise, to have developed them at an early age. Personally, Continue Reading

Signs from Spirit

You do not have to be a medium to receive signs from your departed loved ones.  Even though most people can no longer see the physical presence of their departed loved ones, the physicality of their energy is really the only thing that has changed.  The deep bonds and love do not change and continue Continue Reading

Learning to Read Energy

Energy is everything. It’s not just woo woo, it’s science, baby! Quantum physics will tell you that every thing, every single thing, is made up of packets of … ENERGY.  As an intuitive reader, it’s your energy that I tap into, it’s your energy that I read. When I am working with those who want Continue Reading

How to Recognize Your ‘Gifts’

One of the most frequent questions I get comes down to this:  “How do I know what my [psychic] gift is?” And my answer is usually: “You tell me, darling!” I may be psychic, but I can’t really read your mind. I read and feel your energy, and my guides will fill me in on Continue Reading

How Rituals Can Serve You

Do you have a morning routine? I always get excited when I see people talking about these beautiful, peaceful mornings they have. Wake up slowly, meditate, journal, create gratitude lists, commune with Spirit, go for nice long walks in nature. Amazing! And who are these people? 🙂 I’ve always been someone who loves ideas, concepts, Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Fear

As humans, we’re inundated with messages of fear. I never paid attention to the amount of fear in my life until I was faced with understanding why I feared being clairvoyant. I was absolutely clueless to the single greatest control in my life. Vocalizing that I was fearful was easy for me; I was scared Continue Reading

Meditation Meltdown

There is no right way to meditate. I know, it’s shocking. What is important about meditation is YOU. It’s all about you. If you are one of the people who have had a hard time meditating (yes – some people do not meditate well!) you aren’t alone. So, let’s look at it from another perspective. Continue Reading