Psychic Readings and Mental Health

I’ve noticed a trend in my readings over the last few months. Mental Health is so important, and we often think there will be a piece of information that will come through that will act as a magic bullet and solve our mental health imbalances. A reading won’t do that. A reading offers insight and Continue Reading

Allow Solutions to Appear

The fastest path to feeling better is starting where you are. No matter what your NOW looks like, no matter how concerned you are about the future, no matter how much you long for what’s already passed, your power only exists right now. So, what if life seems to suck? First, recognize that’s your personality Continue Reading

The Magic is In YOU

I love, love, love giving readings and bringing through messages for people who are looking for some guidance. I am only the vehicle in which the message comes through — it’s your guides and spirit team who are providing the information. It’s always an honor for me, and I am personally impacted by every reading Continue Reading

When Life Kicks Your Butt

Man, oh man…I wish I could tell you that the gift of intuition allowed me to look into my own crystal ball and see what’s coming. But it doesn’t. So, like everyone else, I too have to live my life, feel the burns and the bumps, and keep it moving.  I don’t get to skip Continue Reading

Sick of the B#llsh*t!

You ever have those days where you are just sick of the bullshit?! All of it. The crazy stuff people try and make you responsible for ~ the insanity in the news ~ the lies you tell yourself?!  Yep, that’s all bullshit and I’m OVERRRR IT! The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we’re Continue Reading

When You Feel Disconnected

We’ve all been there. Days where you just can’t seem to hear what Spirit is saying. Be sure of this: Spirit has not stopped speaking to you. But your mental and emotional state can mute your ability to ‘hear.’ So what can you do? First, take a breath. This stuff is supposed to be fun. Continue Reading

Why Gratitude Matters

If you have been doing your spiritual work for any amount of time, you’re probably very aware of the amazing impact that gratitude has…in fact, that’s one of the first things my mentor taught me about. Well, that and to trust myself, but we’ll circle back to that. Do you know when gratitude matters the Continue Reading

Who Could You Be?

Do you ever just look around at your life and think, “Damn, I am one lucky bastard.” I am a huge fan of gratitude and appreciation and self love…thought it’s not always easy to remember the “self” part. The love part is easy. But my entire world, each corner of my Universe shines so much Continue Reading

Universal Timing Just Sucks!

OK, not really! But it sure does suck when you want something, want it really, really badly. And you have to live through human time…you know, the time that seems to take forever! The interesting thing is that the Universe is always conspiring to bring about all of our wants and desires.  So why does Continue Reading

Its OK to be Uncomfortable

Hey Gang! Guess what? Here’s what my guides just dropped on me this morning. “It’s OK to be uncomfortable. In fact, it’s necessary. Things do not change until you become uncomfortable. This provides you the opportunity to choose something new.” What? Mind blown. This message was really timely for me ~ no surprise. You see, Continue Reading

Did you lose your sparkle?

What makes you light up like a little kid on Christmas morning? Do you need a minute? While you’re thinking, let me tell you a little story… Recently, I spent the afternoon doing some mini readings (psychic readings) on a Facebook group. People would post their photo and I’d share whatever brief download Spirit gave Continue Reading