Making it Peacefully through Retrograde

So we meet again, Retrograde. But guess what, I’m not worried. And you don’t have to be either. This particular retrograde is June 18 – July 12. That’s four weeks of possible mishaps, mis-communications, and mayhem. Only if you aren’t paying attention to your energy. Yes, YOUR own energy. This retro is a time for Continue Reading

The Eight Minute Rule

Ever feel like things are falling apart? Or maybe you realize you’ve got some healing to do? How can we have this human experience and NOT feel like that from time to time? When you’re empathic and pick up on the energy around  you, it’s even more critical that you keep your vibe from a Continue Reading

The Challenges of Being Sensitive

I’m not sure when being sensitive started to be considered a weakness, but here we are in 2019, and you and I know that being called ‘sensitive’ is not generally  a term of endearment. But what’s so bad about being sensitive? Nothing, really…except for everything. The hard part of being sensitive, and I’m talking empath Continue Reading

Getting Divorced

Guess what? People get divorced every day, they uncouple, start over, burn things down. It can feel tragic. But what if we were talking about a different kind of break-up? What would your life feel like, if you got divorced from everything that brought you down? All the things, feelings, thoughts that kept you tethered Continue Reading

Energetic Boundaries are Everything

We’re human. We have to deal with humans. Some of us love that part of this experience; for some of us, it’s a walking nightmare. It’s not that I don’t like humans, in fact, I love reading people and could do that all 20 hours of my day, every day, all day long. I get Continue Reading

Energetic MisMatches and Other Fun Stuff

Guess what, Buttercup? When you start to dive into developing your psychic abilities, you’ll be a like a beacon. A light out in the vast Universe, that will attract a lot of people. That’s just a side effect of this magical journey. Sometimes you will look around you and feel blessed. “How did these amazing Continue Reading

Pulling Your Energy Back

Chaos. Disconnect. Frustration. Omg, I had a morning of broken down communication and things just not landing correctly. What I do when this is happening is I consciously pull my energy back to myself. That’s how I get whole again and disconnect from places that don’t serve me. Here’s a really easy way to “Pull Continue Reading

Clearing Your Money Blocks

Well, technically, you can clear ANY block in ANY area of your life. This exercise has been very helpful for me…See what ya think. Everyone’s favorite word: Abundance! Guess what? You might be feeling like you are experiencing a lack of abundance…and Spiritual advisors will tell you that it’s simply because of your resistance, and Continue Reading

Protecting Your Energy as an Empath

Because you are an empath, if you don’t ground yourself and create a force field of energetic protection, you can easily pick up the feelings and emotions of others. Now what I’m about to say, could blow your mind, might turn you off, could make you hit the “back” button on your browser…force fields may Continue Reading