Allow Solutions to Appear

The fastest path to feeling better is starting where you are. No matter what your NOW looks like, no matter how concerned you are about the future, no matter how much you long for what’s already passed, your power only exists right now. So, what if life seems to suck? First, recognize that’s your personality Continue Reading

Making it Peacefully through Retrograde

So we meet again, Retrograde. But guess what, I’m not worried. And you don’t have to be either. This particular retrograde is June 18 – July 12. That’s four weeks of possible mishaps, mis-communications, and mayhem. Only if you aren’t paying attention to your energy. Yes, YOUR own energy. This retro is a time for Continue Reading

Staying Connected in a Time of Disconnection

There is a great discomfort most of us are feeling. With a global pandemic, daily routines and favorite things have taken a backseat. When I invite Divine Wisdom in, I hear the message: “Now is the time to let go of your judgments, as they come from ego. Don’t decide how things “should” look – Continue Reading

Be Present

In times of energetic difficulties, and I’m telling ya, these days are full of energetic chaos…the importance of being present cannot be over stated.  If there was a collective message coming through from Spirit it is, again and again, the immediate lifeline that you have to make it through unsettling thoughts, emotions, and moments is Continue Reading

Message from your Spirit Guides

Here’s what your Spirit Guides would like you to know: “We can only show you what you are willing to see. We can only tell you what you are willing to hear.” Kind of like a gang of friendly grannies and grandpas, your guides are meant to lovingly and gently guide you along, offering assistance Continue Reading

Serenity, Now!

If you are prone to receiving psychic or mediumship readings, you likely believe in past lives. Not everyone does, but from this psychic’s point of view: we’ve been here a bunch of times. And those prior experiences most definitely color and shape some of today’s experiences. I had an Akashic records session done a couple Continue Reading

Expanding Your Reading Skills

I truly believe that all psychic readers do it differently. The information comes to all of us in a unique way, and we translate the message for the person sitting in front of us. Whether you get the messages through sound, images, knowing, feeling…you can always develop your underutilized communication channels and expand your communication Continue Reading

The Magic is In YOU

I love, love, love giving readings and bringing through messages for people who are looking for some guidance. I am only the vehicle in which the message comes through — it’s your guides and spirit team who are providing the information. It’s always an honor for me, and I am personally impacted by every reading Continue Reading

I’m NOT a Fortune Teller

The idea of destiny versus free-will is an important one to work out for yourself, especially if you’re going to give readings to other people. Because people who want readings will come to you with expectations, and sometimes those expectations are that you are going to use your psychic guidance to look at their life Continue Reading

Free Will or Destiny?

Depending on your world view, you may think we’ve come here with our human experience written into a life plan, or blue print. Another viewpoint is that we came into this chaos as free thinking, feeling, wheeling dealing people with free- will, therefore the outcomes have limitless possibilities. What if both sides are true? Now, Continue Reading

New Years Resolutions are B#llsh*t!

It was just the most wonderful time of the year – aimirght? For some people, yes…Christmas holidays are the time when we get to remember fondly, hug tightly, give freely. For some it’s the solstice celebration, or it’s the sad reminder of chasing a feeling, or maybe even a lonely buzz in the mind and Continue Reading