External versus Internal

Things you own. People you love. Jobs you do. These are external, separate from you. Internal looks like strength, authenticity, creativity…internal lives inside your heart space, it is the fabric of who YOU are. When we try and control or affect the outcomes of external things, we place attachment to them. “I’ll feel better when Continue Reading

What to do when you’re stuck

Whether it’s seasonal, situational, or just a momentary feeling, none of us like feeling stuck. People can feel stuck in relationships, jobs, friendships, those are a certain kinda stuck. And then there’s the “What do I do?” or “Which direction do I move?” kinda stuck. Let’s address that sort of stuck. I’ve found that when Continue Reading

Protecting Your Energy as an Empath

Because you are an empath, if you don’t ground yourself and create a force field of energetic protection, you can easily pick up the feelings and emotions of others. Now what I’m about to say, could blow your mind, might turn you off, could make you hit the “back” button on your browser…force fields may Continue Reading

Meditations: Clearing Your Energy

As empaths, we frequently absorb and collect energy from other people. In addition to anxiety, frustration, anger and fatigue, we can generally feel very “off” after spending time with others. Below are a handful of meditations you can watch/listen to, as you expand your abilities to clear your energy! I’m sharing these videos made by Continue Reading

Helpful Crystals for Empaths

Because empaths feel emotions so strongly, caught unprepared and unaware, day to day interactions with others can be extremely draining, difficult, and upsetting. One method to help limit the difficulty is to use crystals, which can aide empaths in keeping their own emotions clear and separate from others. Suggested crystals include: Rose Quartz. This crystal, Continue Reading

Where’s Your Where?

Where Are You Going? There are a mind-boggling number of motivational platitudes that get passed around on social media. Little nuggets of wisdom that have become part of our cultural vernacular. I’m certain you see them everywhere, too. “Stop playing small.” “Show up in your life.” “Lean into it {fill in the blank}.” “Craft your Continue Reading