Don’t Make Stuff Up

Being a human, we’re inherently connected to other humans. Soul tribes? Sure, I do believe we travel in our own sort of wolf packs, and we tend to connect with the same souls, different circumstances, lifetime after lifetime. But stepping back to something more simple ~ let’s talk about how connections in this lifetime can Continue Reading

The Power of Your Intentions

Hey Beautiful! No matter how often we get the bonk on the head – “be intentional!” – sometimes it takes some time to commit to the practice of setting intentions.  I’ll be honest here, anything that feels like homework, or rituals, or chores…ugh, I can’t do it! Or so I tell myself.  But what I Continue Reading

What is In Store for You?

Did you know that you can absolutely get psychic guidance on what is in store for you in the coming months? Just by having a conversation with your higher self? It’s totally possible! Let’s take a moment and unpack this together. Get quiet and take 3 deep, calming breaths. You want to really get into Continue Reading

Commit to Growth

“What we speak becomes the house we live in.” — Hafiz Please trust me when I tell you that the simplest shift in perception allows space for something new. Don’t get stuck in what-is. Nothing remains for long; nothing. You CAN choose to reframe your current reality into something different. If you want to change Continue Reading

Go Back, to Go Forward!

As you know, I’m not a licensed therapist. Anything you read here is based on my own experiences and is not meant to be treated as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. OK…we good? It’s not uncommon for those of us with gifts, psychic and otherwise, to have developed them at an early age. Personally, Continue Reading

Signs from Spirit

You do not have to be a medium to receive signs from your departed loved ones.  Even though most people can no longer see the physical presence of their departed loved ones, the physicality of their energy is really the only thing that has changed.  The deep bonds and love do not change and continue Continue Reading

Reading Other People’s Energy

You have likely been reading other people, your entire life. That reaction that we have been programmed to call ‘knee jerk,’ or shamed into believing we’re being judgmental, encourages us to STOP reading the energy of others. Because how powerfully could we navigate our lives, how powerful would we feel, if we were just to Continue Reading

Learning to Read Energy

Energy is everything. It’s not just woo woo, it’s science, baby! Quantum physics will tell you that every thing, every single thing, is made up of packets of … ENERGY.  As an intuitive reader, it’s your energy that I tap into, it’s your energy that I read. When I am working with those who want Continue Reading

How to Recognize Your ‘Gifts’

One of the most frequent questions I get comes down to this:  “How do I know what my [psychic] gift is?” And my answer is usually: “You tell me, darling!” I may be psychic, but I can’t really read your mind. I read and feel your energy, and my guides will fill me in on Continue Reading

What’s Your Word?

I have a cool tribe. I’m part of a group of learners, dreamers, and misfits. We are connected through social media, and even have a Facebook group. Our backgrounds, interests, and geography are vastly different. We come together for support and to hold each other accountable. The coolest thing happens at the end of the Continue Reading

Getting Divorced

Guess what? People get divorced every day, they uncouple, start over, burn things down. It can feel tragic. But what if we were talking about a different kind of break-up? What would your life feel like, if you got divorced from everything that brought you down? All the things, feelings, thoughts that kept you tethered Continue Reading

Energetic Boundaries are Everything

We’re human. We have to deal with humans. Some of us love that part of this experience; for some of us, it’s a walking nightmare. It’s not that I don’t like humans, in fact, I love reading people and could do that all 20 hours of my day, every day, all day long. I get Continue Reading