Stop Giving Power to the Past

You, my friend, hold the key to your contentment, your peace, your happiness. It truly is an inside job. And no matter what you’re going through, have been through, are reflecting upon, there is a choice in every moment. Choose YOU. The fastest path back to self is to STOP; Pause; Pivot. BREATHE. Concentrate on Continue Reading

Seasons Change & So Do We

Wowza! Another change of seasons, Fall is right around the corner. I could not be more excited to shed summer and all the baggage I’ve been carrying. How’s bout you? Ready to release the old and welcome in the new? That’s what the change of seasons reminds us ~ darling, human.  As mama Earth progresses Continue Reading

Talking to Your Guides

Your Spirit Guides ~ a wildly popular topic in intuitive development and psychic circles. Whether people buy into it or not, I’m here to tell ya…we all have Spirit Guides.  If you’re a psychic reader, much of the information you receive from the other side, comes your way because of your communication with Spirit Guides. Continue Reading

Avoiding Pain is Not an Option

You have to advocate for you. Every day, and in every way. You see, we are surrounded by people, on this big spinning sphere called Earth. We all are walking our own individualized journeys and we are going to have to walk alone sometimes. While we long for companionship and we want to connect with Continue Reading

The Eight Minute Rule

Ever feel like things are falling apart? Or maybe you realize you’ve got some healing to do? How can we have this human experience and NOT feel like that from time to time? When you’re empathic and pick up on the energy around  you, it’s even more critical that you keep your vibe from a Continue Reading

When Things Are Sucky

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations or places that we’d rather not be. Most people will tell you that you grow through what you go through. Technically, that’s 100% accurate. But how do you manage the “going through” part? Your energy is everything. You know that, I know that, even the people who are in Continue Reading

Talking with Spirit

The cool thing about being human is that we are energetic senders and receivers! Also, the hardest thing about being human is that we’re senders and receivers 🙂 right?!  I talk a lot about keeping your energy in check, pulling it back, keeping it high vibing, because what you transmit has a pretty direct correlation Continue Reading

Is It Really Ego?

I had the pleasure of connecting with a gorgeous soul, today. I am fortunate that a good deal of my time is spent connecting with Spirit and with humans who want to feel closer to Spirit, receive the downloads from their guides, or who want to develop their abilities further.  I can’t overstate how lucky Continue Reading

When You Feel Disconnected

We’ve all been there. Days where you just can’t seem to hear what Spirit is saying. Be sure of this: Spirit has not stopped speaking to you. But your mental and emotional state can mute your ability to ‘hear.’ So what can you do? First, take a breath. This stuff is supposed to be fun. Continue Reading

The Twin Flame Burn

Oh, dear heart…how many times have I gotten a request to give someone the information they lust for – “when will my twin flame and I be reunited?!”  The human part of me always wants to reply with, “hopefully, you won’t any time soon.”  Does that sound harsh? It does. But you see, the Twin Flame Continue Reading

Fear is a Liar

Fear is a thief of joy. Fear is a liar. Fear gets in the way of receiving the things we’re wanting. Fear is one form of resistance. What would your life look like if you weren’t letting fear have a seat at the table? Imagine what your life would look like if you were fearless. Continue Reading

The Challenges of Being Sensitive

I’m not sure when being sensitive started to be considered a weakness, but here we are in 2019, and you and I know that being called ‘sensitive’ is not generally  a term of endearment. But what’s so bad about being sensitive? Nothing, really…except for everything. The hard part of being sensitive, and I’m talking empath Continue Reading