Welcome, You Beautiful Thing, You!

The funny thing about us humans is that we are seekers. We seek knowledge, experience, pain, affirmation, consequences. It’s uncomfortable to just BE. It’s like we’re programmed to always be searching for something, or acquiring a thing, person, or experience. As we awaken to our gifts, we face even more challenges than the average bear. So many new things, coming to us in new ways, sometimes at the speed of light.

Intention and discernment are the developing intuitives best friends. When I discovered I was able to get downloads from my Spirit Guides, so many things suddenly made sense. I finally understood some of my challenges, and I went to the experts to figure it all out: me, Source, and some super smart mediums.

Turns out I’m not just intuitive, I’m able to tap directly into messages from Spirit. The most exciting thing for me is that I’m a mentor,  I love guiding people toward their truths, and helping them to feel empowered. And I’ve teamed up with other awesome guides and mentors so we can help you grow into your truths and develop your gifts.
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This online destination was created with the intention of offering support, helpful materials, and as a platform for dialogue. You can also work with us privately, to learn more about navigating your way on this exciting journey.

Our intention is to help you peel back the layers, examine what’s inside, and create tools that may offer you the path of least resistance to your goals, dreams, and wants. There’s tons of love for you here, come on in.

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Sound familiar?

  • Often experience overwhelm when around large groups of people.
  • Frequently experience sudden change of emotions.
  • Sometimes take on the traits of other people after spending time with them.
  • Prefer periods of solitude, often.
  • May experience deja vu and synchronicities on a regular basis.
  • It may be common to “just know stuff.”

I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see. -- Douglas Pagels